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Avalonminer A1246 profitability introduction

Avalonminer A1246 profitability introduction Avalonminer A1246 90TH/s  is a Bitcoin SHA-256 algorithm ASIC miner produced with built-in AI ASIC chip technology. The miner adopts the integrated design of the chassis and the power supply, supports vertical or horizontal placement, and flexibly adapts to different shelves. Avalonminer A1246 has very encouraging features: easy maintenance, good quality, unique and encouraging design, user-friendly interface, and built-in AI chip. Released in 2020, the Avalonminer A1246 90TH/s features a robust advanced fan design that cools the chip during system operation. The power consumption of this miner is 3420W, which is very efficient. The hash rate is as high as 90TH/s, the energy efficiency is 38J/TH, and the working temperature is -5℃-35℃. It is very profitable and efficient. Avalonminer A1246 p roduct s pecification : Year of release 2020 Hash rate 90TH/s±3% Power consumption 3420W±3%@Wall-Plug power efficiency 38J/TH, -5%~+ 8% @25℃ Cooling fa