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ASIC Miner ICERIVER KAS KS0 Profitability

ASIC Miner ICERIVER KAS KS0 Profitability In the realm of cryptocurrency mining, the Iceriver KAS KS0 miner has garnered widespread attention. Tailored specifically for the Kaspa network's KHeavyHash algorithm, it boasts high hashing power and low power consumption, making it an ideal choice for many miners. In this article, we will comprehensively assess IceRiver KS0 profitability while considering the Kaspa market conditions and the attributes of KS0 miner. Kaspa Market Dynamics Kaspa is a vibrant cryptocurrency network aimed at delivering high performance and scalability for everyday transactions. At the time of writing this article, the Kaspa coin trades at approximately $0.04959. But it's essential to note that cryptocurrency markets are highly susceptible to price volatility. Hence, investors must remain vigilant about market dynamics. Additionally, the Kaspa network's mining difficulty and reward mechanisms play a role in mining returns. Attributes of the IceRiver KS

Avalon 841 Profitability

Avalon 841 Profitability 

AvalonMiner 841 is a Bitcoin miner that uses 16nm ASIC chip technology. Released in April 2018, it is the second 8th generation AvalonMiner model. The AvalonMiner 841 weighs approximately 4.7kg and has external dimensions of 370mm*150mm*136mm. The Avalon 841 has a maximum hash rate of 13.6 Th/s and power consumption of 1290W. The magic of this miner is that you can mine 41 coins with it. Additionally, the Avalon Miner841 lacks a built-in controller and requires a separate controller. It has a reliable and stable design, and the compact housing helps save space.
Avalon 841 miner
Other notable coins mined with this unit include Acoin, Joulecoin, Unbreakable, etc. Well-known mining pools that support this miner include NiceHash, SlushPool, ViaBTC, etc. You can purchase this unit directly from ZEUS MINING.

AvalonMiner 841 Specifications

Due to the 16nm chip technology, the mining tool has a high power efficiency of 0.99J/Gh/s. The Avalon 841 has a top hash rate of 13.6Th/s and power consumption of 1290W. The price of the AvalonMiner 841 is high, but this is more than made up for by reduced downtime, fewer repair needs, and lower repair costs. This reduces the total cost of miners over their lifetime.
The 841 is designed and built to last. The rated power supply voltage is about 12-12.6V, there are four hash boards, and the frequency of the hash boards is automatically controlled. The miner comes with an AvalonMiner controller (RPi 3 based), a MicroSD card pre-installed with Wrt-based controller firmware, and 4 AUC3 12C USB converter cards. Users can use a Raspberry Pi SBC as a controller unit.
Avalon AUC3 converter card
Avalon 841 is the mother of Bitcoin mining by Canaan Company. It uses the unique interface AUC3-RJ45, the first in the A8 series.

AvalonMiner 841 fan and cooling

The Avalon 841 has a cooling fan. No additional cooling methods are required as the fans run at 6000 rpm. The miner also features a unique air-formed heatsink that prevents the risk of overheating and ensures stable working conditions.
cooling fan for Avalonminer

AvalonMiner 841 setup

The Avalon Miner 841 controller's OpenWrt-based firmware supports the following types of Raspberry Pi single-board computers:
Raspberry Pi
AvalonMiner Controller
Pi 1 Model B
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
Pi 3 Model
Set requires an SD card. Other components required include:
A server-grade 12 VDC power supply unit with eight PCI-E 6-pin connectors.
It is best to have a connector with a dedicated cable and wire gauge of at least 18 AWG.
C13 power cord.
5 VDC 2.4 A USB wall power adapter for the controller unit.
Get a USB Type-A -> Micro USB cable primarily for use between the controller unit and a 5 VDC 2.4 A USB wall power supply.
Use an ethernet cable from the controller unit to connect to the router/switch device.
The computer sets up the initial pool and configuration settings.

AvalonMiner 841 Algorithm

The Avalon Miner 841 uses the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-256) algorithm. It mines 41 coins. It contains BTC and BCH.
Looking inside the miner, you will find that it has four hash boards totaling 104 16nm A3210HP chips. 8*6pin wires are provided with the device; the voltage is 12-12.6V.

AvalonMiner 841 energy consumption

The power consumption of Avalon841 is 1290W. This power consumption is lower than in later models due to the processing speed and efficiency of the ASIC chip. ASIC chips ensure miners are productive while consuming less power than usual.

AvalonMiner 841 hash rate

13.6 Th/s is a high hash rate enough to ensure a profitable mining experience. In addition, the hash rate is fast, making the network secure and protecting miners from 51% attacks. Combined with the SHA-256 algorithm, it ensures that miners are mining at an optimal level.
The role of the hash rate is to ensure a faster mining experience by solving mining blocks quickly. It offers users the advantage of mining in a faster and more secure network.

AvalonMiner 841 noise level

Most miners have noise levels between 70 and 80db. However, the Avalon 841 has a relatively low noise level of 65db, equivalent to the average adult conversation level.

AvalonMiner 841 Profitability

Miners are earned for profitability and return on investment. Therefore, profitability is a fundamental criterion for choosing ASIC hardware. Manufacturers like Avalon try to increase profitability by choosing good algorithms, reducing energy/power consumption, and increasing hash rate. To accurately calculate the profitability of the AvalonMiner 841, one has to look for the most profitable coin and electricity cost factors.
The profitability of Avalon Miner 841 depends on current electricity prices and market conditions. To increase profitability, users can connect two or more AvalonMiners, which will increase the hash rate.
Mining income reference list:
The above income statement is a rough estimate based on known miner data. The actual value may be different from the table value. The above table is only intended to provide insights and ideas for those who wish to purchase this.
The content and pictures of this article are from the Internet, compiled and edited by ZEUS MINING.


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