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In 2023, is it suitable to use miners to mine or buy coins?

In 2023, is it suitable to use miners to mine or buy coins? In recent years, with the increasing popularity of blockchain technology and the rapid development of digital currency, more and more people have joined the team of mining and buying of coins. In 2023, for most people, choosing to use a miner to mine or buy coins will be a critical decision. Advantages and disadvantages of miners High power consumption, high cost, and high technical requirements are the salient features of miners' mining. But at the same time, miners also have a stable income from mining and have the advantage of controlling the speed of block verification. Here are a few viable Bitcoin miners and their profitability in 2023. Antminer S19 Pro is a miner produced by Bitmain , which is very popular in the market. It is equipped with 114 BM1398 ASIC chips , which can achieve a faster and more stable mining experience. It is estimated that the average daily income of this type of miner in 2023 will exceed 120

Antminer A3 evaluation

Antminer A3 evaluation

Bitmain Siacoin miner A3 was officially launched in January 2018. This is a new ASIC miner launched by Bitmain for a single encryption algorithm after the series of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash miners. A3 can be used for the currency of the Blake2b algorithm, the most representative of which is Siacoin. Let's take a look at its detailed evaluation!

Product detailed specifications:

Antminer A3 (815Gh)
January 2018
Minable coins
Chip boards
Chip name
Chip count
Noise level
0 - 40°C
5 - 95%

Appearance and quality:

A3 miner package
The outer packaging of Antminer A3 is the same as that of other series of Antminers, and it is packed in an industrial carton. When you open the outer box, you can see that the miners are protected by shock-proof and anti-collision bubble wrapping pads, which ensures that the miners will not be damaged during transportation.
A3 miner appearance
Antminer A3 adopts front and rear dual fans and three hash boards; the body is integrally formed. In addition, it adopts a precision die-casting design and aluminum alloy materials, which provide robust protection for hash board chips and improve the overall heat dissipation efficiency of the fuselage.
miner hash boards design
the top of the miner
From the top of the miner, you can see that A3 has three hash boards, each hash board has three PCI-E6pin interfaces, and three data lines connecting the control board from the hash board, and you can also see the interface of the control board.
From the miner's front, you can see the configuration of the IP address feedback button, network cable interface, reset button, the status indicator (and the Antminer A3 logo and QC label). In addition, the front fan of the miner can be seen from the front, and the air is fed from this side.
From the miner's back, the miner's rear fan can be seen, and the wind is exhausted from this side.
miner cooling fan

Installation and debugging:

The power supply used in this test uses APW3++, the power supply of Antminer, which can be purchased on the ZEUS MINING official website, while the mining pool uses Siamining. The installation and wiring method is the same as that of other ASIC miners of Antminer. Please refer to the Antminer A3 Manual. After the power line interface is connected to the miner and the network cable is connected, the miner can be powered on!
miner connection
After connecting to the power supply, the miner starts to start, wait for a few minutes, and after the green light of the miner starts flashing, start to search for the IP of the miner and enter the management background of the miner. (Refer to Antminer A3 Manual for detailed steps)
It should be noted that the backstage settings of mining with Siamining are slightly different from those of other mining pools. Although the worker column is filled with your Siacoin receiving address, and the mining service address is filled with and, the password column does not need to be changed.
mining pool setting
Please add .001 after the address to distinguish different miners if you have multiple miners, as shown in the figure below. (For example, if you have two miners, then add .001 and .002 after the address respectively)
mining pool address setting

Noise and heat dissipation:

Using Siamining's PPS mode for mining (mining pool charges 3% handling fee), the test site is a conference room with an area of about 30 square meters, and the room temperature is 15 degrees. Heat and noise tests are performed after miners run for 24 hours.
At a distance of 10cm from the miners, the measured noise of the miners was 74dB, but the noise dropped to 65dB at a distance of 1 meter. In general, the noise of the Antminer A3 is relatively small, which shows that the noise reduction process of the Antminer is getting better and better.
miner noise
After running for 24 hours, the temperature of the A3 hash board is about 55 degrees, and the temperature of the chip is about 80 degrees in the miner's backstage. These temperatures are in the normal range. In addition, the front and rear fan speeds are around 4000, also within the normal range.
hash board temperature

Hash rate and power consumption:

Antminer A3 hash rate curve
A3 hash rate curve

Antminer A3 power consumption
A3 power consumption
The official hash rate of Antminer A3 is 815G. During the 24-hour actual test, the actual hash rate averaged around 824GH/s, which was 1.1% higher than the nominal value. The official standard power consumption of Antminer A3 is 1275W, and the power in the actual test is 1316W, which is also a little higher than the official nominal value. According to the actual tested hash rate and power consumption, the per G hash rate is 1.61W/G.
A3 hash rate comparison

Antminer A3 operating income:

As of January 18, 2022, the electricity bill of A3 is about $3.67 a day, and the daily income is about -$3.64.

Evaluation summary:

The overall performance of the Antminer A3 is very satisfactory. The power consumption per unit hash rate is as low as 1.61W/G. The hash rate remains stable under long-term work, and the noise of the A3 is low. As long as the door is closed, it can hardly be heard. Noisy.
The Antminer A3 continues the quality of Bitmain’s fine artistry. The miner runs stably and can mining stably as soon as plugged in. The installation process is also very smooth; even a technical novice can easily use it.

The content and pictures of this article are from the Internet, compiled and edited by ZEUS MINING.


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